Hello from Seoul

Hello All

Just a note to let you know that I am on my way. After shrinking my entire life into a backpack I spent Wednesday night sleeping on the floor of my empty apartment before jumping on a plane at the crack of dawn

For the last three days I have been here in Seoul.

I am having a fantastic time – sightseeing to the max, and suffering from extreme exhaustion at the end of every day. I keep having to pinch myself to be sure that yes indeed this is really happening!

Seoul is a fascinating place. I'm sitting here in an internet cafe where the temperature must be about 40 degrees, and in the last few days I have seen palaces, markets, shops etc.

I'm also incredibly grateful to Donna, not just for the use of her lounge floor but also for her help as tour guide and drinks co-ordinator. I've already had a few late nights with the local english teaching community!

That's probably enough from me for now. I promise to try not to bore you with endless drivel, and have included a joke to make up for the drivel above. Suffice to say that at this stage I'm alive and having a great time.

PS:  Please excuse the spelling of this email as this is a Korean computer and does not appear to have any sort of spell check function.  After so many years of  total reliance on spell checkers it would appear that my spelling skills are long gone!


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  1. Donna said

    You are most welcome James, it was a pleasure to have you stay, a marvelous guest, a good cook and great company. The parting gift of approx one kilo of Bay Leaves was delightful and shared with all of us that you got to meet. When I look at bay leaves I think of you.

    Have a nice day

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