Hello From Incheon Airport

Hello All

I’m sitting in an Airport lounge with a cold beer, a free web connection and an hour to kill. What a great time to send everyone an update . . . .

Seoul was fantastic! It’s certainly not one of Asia’s most popular tourist destinations – but I can’t understand why not. Without boring you all with the details, here are some of the highlights:

  • Briefly visiting North Korea – and watching the cold war in action at Panmunjeon. North Korean and US border guards literally eyeballing each other.
  • Everything here is made by Samsung, Hyundai, Daewoo, or LG. That’s it. There are no other brands.
  • Just being an a city where 28 million people all intent on driving around suicidally on their (Daewoo) motor scooters. Who said Asians can’t drive? These people are maniacs!
  • Some of the best markets I have seen – ever (and I’ve seen a few)
  • World Cup aftermath. Everything is shaped like soccer balls – including subway stations. Half the population wears “Be the Reds” t-shirts (Slogan of the South Korean Soccer team)
  • Bubble Tea. If you don’t know what Bubble Tea is, then watch this space . . .
  • “Report a spy” reward stickers on the metro
  • Roast dog, dog on a spit, dog steaks etc. And yes, I even found a cage of cats at the market (I didn’t ask). On the other hand it’s almost impossible to find beef or lamb here
  • Palaces and Temples (I have to say that, as I spent hours walking around them)
  • American Forces Television
  • The Koreans themselves who are completely different culturally and attitudinally from everyone else in Asia. (Yes, I do realize that of course they would be different – but they are really really different). A very proud and inwards looking people. No wonder they call this the Hermit State.

A typical street scene

I’m off to Singapore shortly, where I’ve got to start slowing down I think. So far it has been surprisingly hard work being unemployed and homeless. (If I keep up this pace I’ll need a holiday soon – ha!).

From what I am hearing from you, the rest of the world is ticking along just fine. There’s not much else to report. I am still alive and well.

This is a really really big airport. I’m flying Singapore Airlines so looking forward to playing video games the whole way (not!)


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