Letter from Spain

Judging from the number of complaints I received regarding the recent lack of news, it would seem that some of you must enjoy these updates. 

I have just arrived in Malaga on the South of Spain after having spent the last few weeks in the UK catching up with relatives as well as doing lots of the real touristy sightseeing things that one does; Winchester Cathedral, Westminster Abbey, HMS Victory etc.

As well as having a great time, I was very pleased that no-one decided to detonate any bombs while I was in London.

However, despite the benefits of free board and lodging, the UK is nevertheless bloody expensive and also at this time of the year, a little chilly.  One of the very few things that is actually cheap there is airfares, and so GBP27 later, here I am basking in the sunshine.  It's 22 degrees here and not a cloud in the sky.

The flight over on easyJet was very interesting.  I thought it was very strange that all my fellow passengers talked with "right foony accents like" and a surprising number had shaved their hair off. Also very odd that they had all decided to go on holiday without their wives and girlfriends.  Yes, that's right, just blokes on the plane.  The reason became a little clearer when I got here and saw the posters promoting the soccer match between Leeds and Malaga tomorrow night.  I'm tossing up between trying to get a ticket to the game and keeping a low profile tomorrow!

I not attempting too much today as my early start left me a little tatty, but in the next week or so I will be visiting Seville, Cordoba, Granada, and Gibraltar etc., and then catch the ferry across to Morocco.

I will keep you all posted as things progress.  I'm off to get a haircut now and then perhaps a siesta to build up my strength for tonight.

Still alive, still enjoying myself and no, I'm not bored yet.



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