Change your life – You won’t regret it

Ahoj Everyone.

Well,here I am in Prague with no more travel on the immediate horizon and working away at a vaguely sensible job.

But hey – my life is fun. In fact I really can't remember having so much fun – ever!

Reasons I am happy:

  • I live in the most beautiful city in the world.
  • Every single day is a new adventure
  • I spend my days meeting new people (mostly Czech) and learning about their culture. I get paid for this!
  • The average daily consumption of beer here is 1.5 liters per person (including every man, woman and child). I do my best to help.
  • It is spring.
  • Last weekend a few of us went for a walk in the countryside where we found a Castle that puts Disneyland to shame (picture attached)
  • I have lots of new (and extremely interesting) friends.
  • I live 100m from Prague Castle
  • Within 5 minutes walk from here there are about 15 absolutely beautiful churches of every possible architectural style. Gothic Renaissance, Baroque, Neo Classical, you name it – its nearby. It is very important to get drunk on Saturday night in order to avoid being woken by all the bells on Sunday morning!
  • This is a party city. 5.00 am is an early night on the weekend
  • My life has transitioned from totally idle to utterly hectic – but hey;
  • I don't start work till 10.00 am

I walk around all day smiling and pinching myself to make sure it's all true. The only downside is that I am only making about NZ$ 20,000, but as they say “That's just not important right now”. Actually this is enough to live very comfortably here and I guess that I could even save money if I wanted to (but why bother!)

The Czech people are also incredibly welcoming and I am spending a lot of time in pubs / jazz clubs / winebars with locals that I have met. Lucie for example is brilliant fun and was taught to speak English by someone who explained the importance of using the word “Fucking” and/or “Motherfucker” in every sentence!

I am also now officially a terrorist target. I am working two days a week at Radio Free Europe from which the Voice of America broadcasts directly into Iraq. According to CNN this is the most likely terrorist target in Continental Europe, but the fact that it takes me 30 mins to get through the security checks and into the building which is (literally) surrounded by tanks givens me some reassurance.

So to summarise, I am still alive, I am not bored yet, and I am having a fantastic time!



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