Boiling in Bangkok?

Ahoj Y'all

Life goes on in sunny Prague.  We have has some absolutely wonderful weather here, and for the last two months, the temperature has ranged between 25 – 38 centigrade.  On the hot days it feels just like Bangkok.  Hot,hazy, and no sign of a cooling sea breeze at all. Those days are not so nice, but luckily I spend most of my time either in air-conditioned offices or lying on my back in the park.  It's also fun looking at the world weather reports and noticing that it is 18 degrees n London (and I'm not even going to mention Auckland!)

I have been happily working away since my last update, saying goodbye to people who have left the country (welcome y'all to my distribution list) and managing to squeeze in the odd bit of travel out of the country.

Since the last update I have been away to Hradec Kralove here in the Czech Republic, Dresden in Germany and Krakow in Poland.  Krakow is another very beautiful medieval city, and it is also near the Auschwitz and Birkenau concentration camps (not so beautiful).  It is very sobering wandering around buildings where so many people had died, but also very unreal – a bit like visiting old Roman ruins.  You know a lot has happened in this place but it is impossible to imagine what it as really like. 

I can't really recommend Dresden.  The WWII firestorms really left very little of interest, (although there are one or two nice old buildings still standing), and it was absolutely horrifying having to pay Western European prices.  Now I'm getting paid in Czech Crowns, I now mentally convert everything back into that currency – which was a  frightening experience in Germany.

I have also brought myself some rollerblades in a effort to blend in with the local population (roller blading is very very popular here).  This has been occupying a lot of my free time and in fact was going pretty well until Friday when I managed to melt one of my wheels.  (I'm getting better but I'm still a bit wobbly)

We had a fun time here last weekend.  The Rolling Stones were playing in Letna (which is the Prague equivalent of Hyde Park / Central Park).  Rather than paying Kc 5,000 for tickets we thought it might be fun to set up base just on the other side of the fence (for free).  Despite a tropical downpour, we had a great night.  Actually we did better I think than those who paid as we actually had a tree to sit under.

Just to make a change from spending my days talking to boring bankers, I now have a class twice a week teaching a group of models.  It's a tough job I know, but someone has to do it :)

I'm still alive, still having a good time, I'm looking forward to seeing (most of you) soon, and no I'm not bored yet!




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