Tall and tanned and young (not!) and lovely (not!)

Bom Dias Y'all

Well, two out of four ain't bad. I've just spent the last week hanging out at famous Ipanema beach, home of the equally famous song, (the first line of which appears above).

I have had a wonderful time in Rio (sorry Andrea :). It's just like Mt Maunganui, but much bigger, more fun and the weather is better. I had clearly been suffering from ocean withdrawal syndrome so having the beach 15 metres from my dirt cheap hotel room was a real bonus. I got badly sunburnt after falling asleep on the beach on Thursday. Clearly hitting the sand straight after a 14 hour flight overnight with no sleep was a foolish move. Since then I have managed to fit in a lot more relaxation and a bit of sightseeing too. Highlights include:

  • The really touristy things. The Sugarloaf and the Jesus the Redeemer Statue. They really are very cool,
  • Rio is not a town for people with vertigo. Most everything interesting involves heights, including things as simple as a tram ride (it's free if you hang on the outside :)
  • Rio is the world's most beautiful city from a distance. Close up it's not quite so good,
  • The people are fun. Not as much fun as the Spanish (or the Czechs for that matter) but it's hard not to like the people who invented the Samba.
  • I have been eating lots of yummy food,
  • I know it's a cliché, but if you want to see a huge disparity between rich and poor, then Rio is your place. Actually it's not so good for the rich either as they have to spend a lot of money on fences and security guards to stop the poor getting richer.

I leave for LA tonight so the next update will be from Sydney in a couple of weeks. So, until then . . .

Čau (brilliant word – it works everywhere)


PS (for boys only)

Interestingly the one disappointment of this place has been the lack of talent on the beach. I had high expectations. However, while the quantity is good, the quality is less exciting. On a scale of one to 10 (10 being Moscow and 1 being Oamaru) the women here only rate about a 5.

Others might disagree and award higher marks, especially those who like monster “”ghetto booties”* equally huge fake breasts and flabby bellies. But hey, maybe I'm just spoilt from living in Prague, (or as someone else suggested, perhaps it's because I'm in love :)

* For those that don't speak American, think Venus Williams in a G-string and you'll get the general idea.


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