Sleeping with the goats

Hello Everyone,

The time has come for another newsletter.

We’ve just returned from a month in Turkey where we had a wonderful time.

I won’t bore you with a blow by blow account of what we did, but basically the idea was to combine some relaxation and beach lying with a long-distance walk. The walk is called the Lycian Way and runs across a beautiful and remote part of Turkey.

We really did have a nice time. We only managed about half of the 500km, saw some truly memorable sights, and lots and lots of deserted ancient cities. Other highlights included:

  • Sleeping under the stars most nights – with flocks of goats
  • Death defying mountain climbing down up, along and (mostly) down sheer cliffs
  • Some unbelievably beautiful views
  • Spending two days walking along a Roman aqueduct, a lot of which is remarkably (after 2000 years) still functional and being used by villagers
  • Finding a little beach bar at the end of a long day of walking in 40º heat, and a week without beer – you can't imagine how good that first one tasted
  • Fending off packs of wild dogs with rocks – including a couple who decided that 4.00 in the morning would be an ideal time to attack our campsite.
  • Getting lost and accidentally finding a small deserted beach, with beautiful water and no people for 10 km. We weren't in a hurry to get found again
  • Meeting lots of Turkish people who were really friendly and genuinely nice
  • Walking along a cliff top on a very hot day 200m above a beautiful bay, and wondering what we were doing (ie why are we walking in the sun when we could be swimming). To make things worse, someone in a boat below noticed us and started waving – and laughing
  • Smelling very very very bad

We also got to spend a few days relaxing on the beach, swimming in the crystal clear waters and getting nice sun tans so that we will look slim, tanned and beautiful for our wedding photos

If you are interested in leaning more about the walk, you can see We only did the first half – from Ovacik to Kas. It really was great and we are tempted to go back again to finish it off next year. Turkey really has a lot to offer and is a hugely under-rated holiday destination – at least the bit we were in is.


Now we are back and sort of working. It’s summer and we are quite preoccupied with our forthcoming wedding which is taking a surprising amount of organisation. So we’ve decided to work just three days a week – which is nice and relaxing and giving us plenty of time to get things organized.


We’re also just brought a car, having finally decided that we did need one after all. The bus is well and good, but a little frustrating when you are a busy wedding organiser. Actually we haven't seen it yet. It still lives in Germany – however it's about to emigrate to the Czech Republic and we should have it by next weekend.


The wedding planning is going well. We'll write again and let you know how everything went after the event and after we get back from the honeymoon. By then we'll probably need another holiday.


Still alive, still having fun, and not bored yet.




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