Wedding Photos!

Hello Everyone,

On behalf of my wife and myself, I thought you might be interested in looking at some of our wedding photos.

We have a total of about 800 photos, but you will be pleased to learn that we are going to spare you this torture and instead offer a small sample of selected “highlights”, which can be found here.

We were really pleased with the wedding. It was strange that a number of people complemented us on the organisation and planning behind what was (in fact) a very disorganised event. Someone else said it was really “natural” which is probably a bit closer to the truth :)

We had a great day, and we were really lucky with the weather. It did rain a bit, but only at times when it didn't matter (ie we were inside). We had some very beautiful music, both in the church and at the party afterwards. Lots of good friends, wine, beer, roast pig and fun.

It was also something of a family reunion for my family. Actually more than a reunion, it was the first time everyone had been in the same place together – ever.

We are back at work now after a beautiful relaxing honeymoon riding our bikes around Sumava and Trebon which are in the South of the Czech Republic.

We'll send a longer update soon.


James and Marketa

PS: The photos are at


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