Cold Penguins

Ahoj Everyone,

It must be time for an update.

We've been married now for five months and we're still enjoying married life.

The ChurchI should start with a mention of the weather. We're having a “tropical” patch at the moment (above zero) after a record cold patch. Actually it was so cold that Prague Zoo had to move its penguins inside. There have been a lot of compensations though, including some very beautiful sights and frozen ponds and rivers which are providing plenty of skating opportunities.

I've had quite a few new experiences as a result of the weather. Skiing in the garden was one. Unlike some friends who have diesel car, our fuel didn't freeze, but we did have icicles growing inside our car, and I had a little problem one day at the gas station when I needed petrol, but couldn't get the tank open because the lock had frozen solid. Also, I've learned to drink my cup of tea very quickly. If you get distracted for too long it will freeze solid.

This weekend we are having a quiet time sitting at home watching the Winter Olympics. This is absolutely huge here with one of the two biggest TV channels abandoning everything else in favour of 24 hour live coverage.

The Czech team is big and has already won quite a few medals. I have been trying to get people here excited about the New Zealand team – which hasn't been so difficult as it is participating in some of the few sports that the Czechs do not (Curling and Skeleton). Sadly however their (the New Zealand team's) performance has not been that good – which is sad really, as New Zealand has plenty of mountains and snow etc.

It is with some dismay that I note that even the Australia, a country with one does not normally associate with snow, has won a couple of medals including a gold.

Not much else to report. In spring we're planning to get a sheep (or two). This is turning into quite an interesting exercise. We have plenty of land and, once the snow melts, we will have lots of grass. What we don't have, and need, is some fencing and a sheep. Both of these items are proving to be a challenge. I started thinking about a portable electric fence but have now discovered how much these cost here, so we're now trying to figure out where to put a physical fence without ruining the view. We're also being told a lamb will cost 2,000 Kc (about NZ$ 130) this seems quite expensive. If it really does turn out to be this much we might consider founding a stud farm.

In spring, we're also looking forward to going to the wedding of an Australian friend, who is conveniently getting married in Tuscany in Italy. This is a part of the world I have yet to visit so we're really looking forward to the drive down and to doing a bit of exploring while we are there. The wedding sounds fantastic – it's going to last for a week and I think we're going to get a real taste of Italian culture.

So that's all for now. We're still alive, still having a good time and no, I'm not bored yet.


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