Antique Furniture

Our new sofa

With a baby on the way we decided that we needed some furniture.

Of course there's no reason why we couldn't have gone to IKEA like everyone else seems to do (IKEA is very very popular here). But why would we do that when we can buy beautiful antique furniture here for about the same price, or even less.

Of course antiques in the centre of Prague are expensive as the shops there cater for the tourist market. However outside the centre, and even better outside Prague, it's a different story.

Really good quality antiques are still really cheap. There are a couple of places that we know of where you can pick up wonderful stuff.

For example the other day I bought the 1962 edition of “Soviet World” This wonderful propaganda magazine features a very well endowed female factory worker on the cover looking very patriotic indeed. Inside there are lots of articles about cosmonauts icebreakers and gymnastics. Mine for € 2.

Last week we bought a dining table and six chairs (circa 1920) for € 300 and a leather sofa from the same era (pictured) for the same price.



  1. Gretchen said

    I am looking for furniture as well — and not from IKEA! In particular, a wardrobe, dresser, sideboard, some kind of dsiplay cabinet for china and crystal. Have any ideas? I heard about an antique dealer in Holesovice, but have no idea where to go… Thanks for any info.

  2. Hi Gretchen
    I‘m really sorry for the slow reply. We have been very relaxed over summer.
    Holesovice is good, but to be honest anywhere that you shop for antiques within Prague is going to be more expensive than outside.
    Our very very favourite place is quite small, so I don’t want to post it on the web in case everyone decides to go and buy all the good stuff we haven’t saved up for yet.
    Our second favourite place is much bigger, so the same concerns don’t apply.
    To find it go to the village of Spomyšl with is in the road from Velvary to Melnik. Yes, it’s outside Prague, but not too far outside.
    Once you are in the village, just look around, you can’t miss it!
    They even have a web page at
    Happy shopping!

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