Something happens (at last) # 1 – We are no longer homeless

House frontOne of the things we had been hesitant to tell everyone is that have bought a new home.

We were hesitant because the Czech Real Estate system is – at least compared to what I’m used to from New Zealand – very very very complicated.Despite the fact that we’ve had what in NZ would have been an unconditional contract since the middle of August, we have only just now reached the point where we really are confident that everything will go ahead as planned.

We will probably take possession next weekend and move in the week after.

Anyway – more about the mountain of paperwork and bureaucracy that is the Czech real estate system another day. We have a home and we’re very excited!

We mentioned a few months ago that we were looking for a house in Slany and that we had a very precise idea of what we wanted. We also mentioned that there isn’t a lot of depth in the market and that it looked like we might have to be patient.

We were not looking for a small 1904 apartment building with a big cellar, two downstairs flats we can rent out, a small garden, and a double garage. But we had decided to look at whatever came on the market – so that’s exactly what we went to look at one day.

We had no intention of buying – we were just trying to make sure we understood the market and prices. Of course, once we looked, we liked (a lot!). And we also realised that – even though this was much more than we were originally thinking about – we just might possibly be able to afford it.

You can see some more photos here.

As you can perhaps see, the building itself is (at least in our opinion) very elegant and beautiful. The previous owners also spent quite a lot of money improving it, so it is modern and comfortable inside.

The only small problem is that we don’t entirely share the previous owners’ tastes, so in the fullness of time the purple paint, built in Formica wardrobes, red bath and enamel door handles will have to go. Also, we really can’t understand why you would really need a shower in the dining room? But perhaps we’ll grow to like it. It could be a big positive with Thai (and other very hot and spicy) food. In the meantime we’ll survive.

Slany is a really nice town. With a population of only 15,000 it’s still an easy (30 mins) commute to Prague.

We’re really looking forward to living there.


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  1. Alex Sharp said

    Hi James and Marketa.

    Love the look of your new home. I must confess it is a type of building we are not used to here in NZ.

    And James, with your new life I can’t imagine you ever getting bored.


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