Grown up things

Four years ago (give or take a few months) I remember that I gave up my last key.   Keys are a symbol of things for which you are responsible, and four years ago I wasn’t responsible for anything. 

I had no home, no car, and no office.  I didn’t even have a key for my backpack because that had a combination lock.  I was a free and easy irresponsible homeless person

How things have changed.  A quick count of my key ring now reveals 12 keys. (I feel a bit like a prison warden).

We are both very responsible and grownup now.  We are married; we have a car, a house and a mortgage.  We don’t really have proper jobs yet, but it looks like that’s only a matter or time.

Ach jo (Czech for ce la vie) – Not that all of this a bad thing mind :)


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