Merry Christmas!

We are sitting here on Christmas Eve watching fairy tales and television and getting ready for tonight.

Official Xmas Photo

This is our official Christmas 2006 photo (as used on our Xmas Cards) It shows us standing outside St Isidor’s church where we got married. The plinth beside us is the base of a big statute of St Isidor, which unfortunately, someone has stolen (only his feet are left).

You may be wondering about the snow. Yes, it is real, but it’s from last year. Today is in fact clear and sunny and quite warm. There is no sign of any snow either here or in the mountains.

This is very strange indeed. It is not totally unprecedented for there to be no snow in this area at Christmas time, but at this time of the year snow is very common. On the other hand it incredible that there is no snow (at all) in the mountains. The papers often feature pictures of disappointed young children arriving at ski resorts with their skis, ready for their skiing holiday – only to find no snow at all. If you were having any doubts at all about global warning, then you can put them aside now.

Anyway, for any of you who haven’t received a Christmas card from us yet (we were a bit late getting organised this year) Have a wonderful Christmas and a fantastic 2007


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