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More exciting furniture news

We have been working away at our new house, slowly improving things, so for us it’s quite exciting, But its a slow process and probably quite boring for everyone else.

I have also been restoring some old antique furniture. Markéta can’t really understand this as she knows I am normally so impatient. But nevertheless, once I sit own and start working on something (currently an old chest which was originally for storing flour), time just flies by. I have even been sitting in the garden using my new electric sander in the sunshine. Besides being very annoying for the neighbours this is very weird as the weather has continued to be unseasonably warm here. It’s not supposed to be possible to get a suntan here in February (unless it’s from skiing).

I’ll post a picture of the chest when I have finished, I wasn’t very intelligent otherwise I would have thought to take a “before” photo as well. Needless to say it was covered with centuries worth of grime (it was almost black) and smelt suspiciously of what I am reasonably sure was rat piss. I have no idea how old it is. However despite that fact that it’s quite a simple design, it was made totally without the use of nails or screws. Everything is beautifully crafted tongue and groove. It has a few screws now, but I felt quite the philistine adding them, even if they were absolutely necessary and well hidden,

The next projects after the chest are two beautiful 200 year old wardrobes that are currently sitting in the garage. I’m still not really sure about how to start these, so I’ve been putting them off for a while. People keep telling me things about meths and wire wool, but I’m not sure that even I have the patience for that!

Last weekend we went to a ball here in Slaný. It’s ball season at the moment and if you like dancing, then there is something for you almost every weekend. Markéta didn’t like this one so much as they were apparently not playing “proper music”. Proper music is waltz, valcik and polka. I on the other hand was very pleased with the mix of 80s and 90s pop music which meant that I didn’t have to embarrass myself with my atrocious ballroom dancing skills.


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The sun has been shining


The sun has been shining

It’s been a little while since we last communicated, but that’s mainly because we haven’t had a lot new to report.

The weather has continued to be very strange here. After weeks of unseasonably hot weather and no snow, we suddenly had a hurricane. A lot of people had some kind of roof damage, but when we checked ours, it looked fine.

Actually though it wasn’t fine. A week later we discovered that a single glass tile had blown out of the roof. Probably I didn’t notice it was missing as it was a glass one.

Anyway, for the week after the hurricane we got proper winter weather including a lot of snow. But it wasn’t until the snow melted this week that water started pouring in through the roof and we noticed that we had a problem. Not really a major drama, but we’ll have to re-paint the ceiling in the living room (which is a pity as we had only just painted it).

Other than that, we have been slowly working on the house. Painting, decorating, installing new light fittings and curtains etc. We’re actually even managed to nearly complete one room (the study). Which now only needs new carpet and a door handle before we can officially call it “finished”

We’ve been having a few parties as well, including a big dinner party where we pressed into service almost every single wedding present we have. The table looked fantastic with beautiful tale cloth, table mats, knives, forks, glasses, decanters, serving bowls, etc. The only things that were missing were chairs (we didn’t really have enough) and plates. A trip to IKEA might be in order soon.


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