Even more exciting furniture news!

Most of you have already heard our other most exciting recent news.

Apart from that, there hasn’t really been much happening- honestly, and we apologise to those who are complaining that they haven’t heard from us.

Over the last couple of months we’ve been working slowly on improving our house.

The garden isn’t finished yet, but it’s already 1000% better than it was. It’s a beautiful relaxing place now. Before it felt cold and a bit sad

One thing that we wanted to change was our bed. Our old bed was OK, but not great. We bought it from IKEA (and it was a little bit romantic because it was the first thing that we bought together as a couple). However it was a bit plasticky, quite uncomfortable and the slats kept breaking.

So we decided that it was time for a new one. We like antique furniture so started looking in antique shops. It’s strange, but in the past most people had very small beds (I wonder why?). We saw some beautiful beds, but nothing that actually worked for us. We thought about going back to IKEA, but in the end we felt that we wanted something better. We also saw some nice beds on the internet, but they were all too expensive.

So we decided to have a bed made. We went to see our local carpenter and showed him some designs of antique beds that we liked but which were too small and some internet beds that we liked.

He made an oak bed for us according to our design that cost about the same as we would have paid for some horrible crap from IKEA. We went to visit it twice as it was being built an it was delivered a couple of weeks ago.

In Progres

It’s beautiful

We’ve started a bit of a local trend, as a few other Slany people saw the bed being made (it’s a small town) an ordered something similar for themselves.

At €1,000 for a beautiful hand crafted (no screws) individual oak bed that will last for 100s of years it easy to understand why. We’re thinking of going into business :)

I’m sitting outside in the garden at the mill now waiting for the barbecue to cook. We’ve had a wonderful day.

In a couple of weeks we are off to Zurich to see Katie an Andrew. We don’t know if we’ll get to the wedding now, and anyway we want to go an see them while they are still in Europe and it’s easy.

I didn’t enjoy Zurich last time I was there, but I’m guessing we’ll have a better time this trip. We’ll drive. According to the internet this will only take us six hours (which seems really quick). Anyway a full report will follow on our return.


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