Zurich part two

Fun in Zurich

So of course, eventually we arrived in Zurich and had a great time.

The weather was a little better than on my last visit, but even so, it still rained quite a lot. Zurich is a pretty enough city. It was nice staying with Katie who of course lives in the suburbs, which I had not seen before, and which probably have better architecture and are more interesting than the centre. Very very different from anything I have ever seen before.

We had fun on Friday just wandering around the city and looking at the shops. They have a fantastic department store there called Globus. One of the many Globus shops in ZurichWe don’t have anything like this in Prague, which is a pity in one sense. It is a paradise of consumption, which everything that you might want to buy centrally located in one place. Beautiful food including things that are nigh on impossible to get in Prague, or at least not in a single, conveniently located place. Lobster, seven different kinds of prawns, Moreton bay bugs, and a fantastic selection of wine and cheeses. Now that the French and Belgian grocerers (Delvita and Carrefour) have abandoned Prague to the Germans and the English, it’s almost impossible to buy nice wine unless you make a special trip to a specialist wine shop. In addition, Globus has a huge selection of clothing and home furnishings.

The only snag is the eyewatering prices, but I’m not sure if they are a result of the goods being in this particular shop, or simply because they are in Switzerland, where absolutely everything is unbelievably expensive (or at least seems unbelievably expensive to us).

Its was nice waking along the main street in Zurich knowing that stored in vaults beneath our feet were millions of bars of gold bullion. Young Turnbull seemed to like this – he was twitching a lot while we were in this area – perhaps pointing to a future as a successful financier, dentist, or gold smugger.

In Switzerland you can buy things that you can’t get in Prague. Marketa is very excited because she now has a new herb called Lemon Verbena. I actually like this one too as it tastes great in cold drinks.

But otherwise, I don’t think we could ever imagine living there. It’s nice and pretty and clean and organised. But perhaps a bit too clean and organised for us. It’s not that we like mess that much, but we do sometime park our car facing in the wrong direction, and we couldn’t cope with the recycling nazis they have there.

We’re back home now, and enjoying summer. We’re done a lot of work in the Mill lately including totally stripping the ground floor of everything including most of the walls and about a foot of earth from the floor. Now we are sitting in the garden waiting for the plasterers to come and make a few more habitable rooms for us including (yay!) a bathroom, and maybe even a sauna.


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